Small Scimitar For Slaughtering And Cutting Meat


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The origin of the scimitar can be traced back to ancient times. After the early expansion of the Arab empire, the Arab-style scimitar was spread to Central Asia. 

The Turks used the combination of the mechanics of the scimitar and the impact of horses to the extreme. Damascus knives are made from Uzi steel ingots, which are originated from India, and have casting patterns on the surface.


Product category: Multi-purpose knife

Material: Stainless steel

Product name: MTG30 slaughter knife

Blade material: 5Cr15 stainless steel

Full length: 27.3c m

Handle material: black color wood

Blade length: 14.6c m

Knife width: 5c m

Blade thickness: 4mm

Package Content:

1*Small scimitar/2*Small scimitar

Weight 311.00 kg
Dimensions 190 × 70 × 60 cm

Black and wooden Set, Wood, 1pc Wood 1pc BlackSET, 3pcs Wood 3pcs Black, Wood scabbard, Black, Black scabbard, 1pc Wood 1pc Black


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