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This is our new PVC floor chair Mat, which is perfect for protecting your floors from damage, wear and tear. It is ideal for all areas of the office and home. Made of premium PVC material, this chair mat is durable and can be used for many years. The transparent appearance makes it seamlessly fit a variety of lines and colors floor. One side of the mat is non-slip with lines, the other side is smooth surface without lines. Buy yours today!

1. Eco-friendly Material: Made of thick PVC, No off-gassing – Odorless, no BPA, phthalate or toxins. This mat can give your floor and furniture the best protection, when flooring gets damaged it could be very costly to replace.

2. Durable & Reliable for Long-term Use: Superior PVC material makes it durable and reliable for long-lasting use, this office chair mat is specially designed to protect any hard flooring surface such as hardwood, tile, laminate, concrete, and vinyl floors with its scuff resistant material.

3. Effectively Protect Your Floor: This mat can effectively block the surface of objects and reduce the scratches when your furniture is moving on the floor, It’s made to be convenient for persons who constantly move around in their office chair.

4. Multitask: Suitable of all types of hard floors, like wood floor, Tile… Designed to prevent against wear and tear caused by office chair casters, ensures complete stability when used on hard floor surfaces.

5. Rectangular & Clear View: Our highly transparent chair mat allows the aesthetic of your floor to show through. When it gets dirty easily wipe your plastic chair mat with a wet cloth.



1. Made of premium PVC, extremely durable.

2. Transparent appearance, seamlessly fits all areas of the office and home.

3. One side of the mat is non-slip, the other side is smooth surface.

4. Easy to move and clean.

5. Protect your floors from chair damage, wear and tear

6. Suitable for all hard Wood floors






120x150cm / 47”L x 59”W


About 7 Lbs


Package included:

1 X

PVC Floor Chair Mat


Weight 3.80 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



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