Kids Ride-On Motorcycle 6V Battery Powered Motorcycle Toy Headlights&Music White


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Kids Ride On Motorcycle 6V Battery Powered Motorcycle Toy Headlights&Music White


  • Stable speed: safe, comfortable and not bumpy riding, in line with the requirements of international standard children’s electric vehicles, speed 2.8km/h, to ensure the safety of children.
  • Three-gear control: Experience the realistic driving pleasure, meet the baby’s body shape needs, and increase the protection of the baby’s bones and muscles and the safety of riding stability.
  • Rear storage box: Turn over the seat from the rear of the car to see the storage box, which can store the baby’s favorite toys.
  • High transmittance LED lampshade: high transmittance material, heat resistance and wear resistance, good light transmission performance
  • Comfortable, non-slip and beautiful handles: Let the child’s small hands be held tightly without slipping, concave and convex texture, safe and comfortable.
  • Comfortable backrest to keep the body stable: especially the lumbar support can reduce the tension and pressure generated by the spine.
  • Dynamic music, colorful lights: to excite and calm children, eliminate tension and achieve emotional balance.
  • The paint of the seat is smooth and beautiful: ergonomic design, fits the baby PP, comfortable to ride.
  • Charging: Charging for 8-12 hours, not more than 16 hours. When the normal speed of the vehicle slows down significantly, it means that the corona is insufficient and timely charging.
  • Technology-sensing front design: future technology-sensing stopwatch pattern, cool and cool.

            Product acessories:

            • 1x kids Motorcycle


            • Product size:34.6×23.2x16in
            • Recommended age: 3-8 years old
            • Speed: 2.8km/h
            • Using time:40minutes
            • Charging time: about 5-8 hours each time
            • Battery:6V4AH
            • Charger:6V500MA
            • Weight limit:30kg

            Weight 8200.00 kg
            Dimensions 780.00 × 420.00 × 420.00 cm





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