2L 110V Heating Blender Adjustable Speed Kitchen 1200W Food Mixer Fruit Juicer


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Main Features:


● Hardened Stainless Steel Blades
Being solid and sharp with stronger toughness and longer working life without passivation.

● Motor

28000 speed (RPM) make sure the blender can work stable, long life. Super powerful.

● Blend and Cook Soup Maker

Multiple pre-programmed settings for making chunky and smooth soups, as well as blending, boiling bisque, sauce, making smoothies, cocktails, soy milk & more.

● Bottom

Rubber feet keep the powerful blender in place during operation.

● Temperature control protection

This product is equipped with overheat / overload protection device. If the product continues to work for a long period of time causing the machine to overheat or add excessive hard ingredients, the product will automatically stop working. Disconnect the power and let it cool down for 15mins before using it.


Material: Food Grade PC
Color: White&Black
Max Capacity:2L(0.53 us gal)
Humidification Volume:280ml/h

Power Voltage: 110V (If the local voltage is not 220V, please purchase it carefully, it may not be used.)
Power Frequency:60Hz
Rated Power:1200W

Plug: China National Standard Plug(We will base on your country to send the corresponding adapter plug)
   Product weight: 1.4kg
   Product size:(L)X(W)X(H) 21x18x47cm /8.27″x7.09″x18.50″ (appr.)

   1. The quick switch is used to stir ice cubes and special items, but it should not be used frequently. It should     not exceed 2 minutes of dry running without water, because the bearing will be burned due to high temperature
   2. Do not put metal objects in the cup, such as forks, spoons, etc. Do not use the stirring rod when the motor is rotating to prevent danger. When using the stirring rod, be sure to cover the cup.
   3. When cleaning, be sure to separate the base and the container, and first confirm that the plug is unplugged. Do not wash the tools directly by hand, use cleaning tools such as a cleaning cloth or a brush. Do not immerse the motor base in water or wash in a dishwasher.
  4. Before starting, make sure that the container is completely tightly fixed on the machine base. Because the speed of the base is strong, please hold the cup slightly when starting to use.
   5.If the machine is overloaded for a long time, the motor will generate automatic power failure protection if the motor is too hot, which is purely normal, and it will work normally after a short rest of 15 minutes.

Package Contents
1 x 110V Blender (excluding other decorations),1 x English Munual

Weight 3935.00 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm



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